Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rough Draft

Pretty much setting goals to make my car look almost exactly like this except for the wheel choice/paint.
origin stylish / kouki front end / paint = exterior sexiness
wheels can wait.

Springs in

Pic of us getting ready to roll out to the spring bean meet. good times. cant wait till summer!


oh how things change so fast. bills, school, work WTF IS THIS?! when the hell can i just LIVE? no time for people and no time to enjoy myself.

well....... the school part you can add in later.

Back to the good old days. Back when i was ignorant, carefree, and didnt have to pay bills. FML TWICE

since this is my first post lets murder it. hard and strong.

Bought this s14 bone stock as my first car back in the begining of 08. Car was hiding under tarp in braintree for a few years until i found it. Only problem was the gas tank would leak if you added more than 10 bucks of gas. no biggie. dude gave me a spare gastank to throw in. oh i didnt realize how hard it was to install at the time.......

First thing i did was throw an exhaust, wheels+ kyb agx shocks and tanabe gf210 springs.
Ride height made me sad so i said FCK that and got coils. took these pics a few months after the purchace. god i miss this car. no rust ANYWHERE.

As time went by i transformed that car to this.

The car was my Daily Driver and a b16 killer. Not at all fast. But i completely pieced together a t25 turbo kit. just needed a way to tune for larger injectors and i was done. but ya know, things never work the way you want them to.

lol yah, such a bad time to be me. and NO i didnt crash drifting, although that would be an awesome story and im far too good to hit things while sideways(lol i kid). i got railed by a sonata while stoping and signaling. 9/11/09 BAD DAY

But as diddy says "Cant stop, Wont stop". The show must go on. just listen to your heart.

The new hotness...

Part the old car out while i reap the benifits. you will be missed.

oh yeah btw happy bday to you ling.