Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Man vs Food

you know.... we were just hungry.
checked out this CLEAN. VERY clean s13 coupe. i couldnt find any rust on it at all. body was mint. no dings scratches visable. even the stock wheels look factory new. texas cars make me jealous.

Big plus for the ka-t. s14 sr t28 bottom mount setup. "ka-ter 4 lyfe"
in other news. my headlight bulb blew out. cheaper to order an ebay set of hids........ pics tonight after my fcking long shift at work. or maybe tommorow.

figured toan would like this.....


  1. Is he gonna pick that shizz up?

  2. hope he does. he's doing a straight up trade for his ek hatch. ill keep you posted on the updates.