Friday, June 4, 2010

the s14 is now DTF

finally got a downpipe welded up and put on today. put in all my o2's. car is a different beast overall. the exhaust is super silent. and now i cant hear the turbo spool up crazy. so FUCK YOU WOONSOCKET NOISE ORDINANCE you can go suck my dick.

but all in all. i feel the difference in low end torque. I HAVE PLENTY hahahhaha. definately ready to prowl on the unsuspecting ricers on the road.

in other thoughts. i leave to go to arkansas on tuesday. party harty till then. ill be out of the car game until im back next month. but when im back expect hot fi-ya. version select 1+paint is on its way.

and if anyone can find some deals on 255/40/17's give me a shout. i mean dirt deals. DIRT.


  1. has Feddy SS595 255/40VR17 for $78.08/ea or 255/40ZR17 for $111.00/ea. Both those tires are on back order.

    If you went with the Federals, you want to size down. 245/40VR17 are $71.50/ea and are IN STOCK.

  2. idk toan. i like my new grippier wider tires compared to the old 225 i was running. + i would need spacers after i size down. haha

    damn thanks kevin thats a pretty good deal on new tires. ill probably order a pair after i get employed