Monday, October 18, 2010

spot on!

the saying goes, " you get what you pay for ".

well damn does this fit good! only have to sand maybe a few mm's on the edge of the skirts on each side and it fits like a godamn glove. i'd say it fits a bit better than my origin stream skirts.

mounted it without tape or bolts. it just holds itself on hahah. prep and drilling holes tonight and them badboys will be fully on the car tommorow night.

front bumper comes in tommorow, so psyched. fuck yes.

spacers in by friday, cars coming along together nicely

also finally unwrapped my rear bumper, didnt realize the curves were soo much win


  1. nah no time, im can only work on the car during the night time since i work all day.

    sucks wrenching at night. especially body stuff.

    where you been dude? hella mia