Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rescheduled my dyno for monday since i passed out last night and woke up late thanks to strobe lights + alchohol.

to do list this season:

- need new tires snagging some 225/45/17 when i can. why the hell dont they make 225/40/17? idk but my tires are getting bald.
- ordering a set of pbm toe arms when possible, ruca's will come later, camber isnt bad. 
- possibly getting another re-flash reflecting the dyno
- get another set of pbm adjustable spacers.
- order some xxr-521's in 18x10+25 as spare drift/winter wheels since i dont have my stockies anymore
- finally start ordering interior parts. the plan is to get a new steering wheel setup, taiwan brides w/ stock belts.

then i guess when thats all done with, stockpile up on tires 17's and 18's

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  1. They make 225/40/17 boy!