Saturday, July 2, 2011

stroud, ok drift

Headed out of town at around 7 and got there around 10, no ac and i could feel my tranny radiating heat. We pulled up to a gas station and guess what? My starter doesnt work. The bro's pushed started the ride and all was dandy. As the day progressed it reached around 103 degrees and we were in direct sunlight. I was walking around with my shirt half off with my skinny frame not giving a fuck.

The heat finally was too unbearable and we left around 2:30ish, and for some reason my bitch ass starter wants to work again.

Driving 3 hours back home with no ac in 103 degree weather is no fun at all. still have a throbbing headache
Must've wasted about 15 dollars in tolls. srs.

would not do again until i acquire a blower motor and recharge my freyon


- almost died of heat stroke

anyways here are the pics, didnt really take any action shots as i was too far from it and my camera zoom sucks money cock.