Monday, April 5, 2010

Hackjob Welds piss me off.

So glad i redid everything the correct way.

in the past month i've put in :

nismo 550cc's
enthalpy tuned ecu w/ s14 harness
unblown ct26
new custom manifold w/ tig welded +angled ct26 flange
walbro 255 (i've found a walbro in the fuel tank, but the newer the better)
Motoria Sr 3" catback

Still need to get a downpipe fabbed up with o2 bungs. Also need to finally install that innovative lc1 wideband that i bought form eric in 09. wiring looks crazy as fuck though. but it should be simple once im at it. After thats all set, im hitting the dyno.

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