Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Completely behind in plans. according to what i was supposed to do, i've should've already been dyno'd. no big deal i guess. maybe if anyone wants to hit the dyno up at the same time we can roll together.
getting new exhaust manifold studs in soon + new gasket, maybe copper to kill the leak. exctracting the few broken studs on the blockside will be a doozy.
Having a titanium turbo heat shield fabbed up by marceaux and sons. it looked straight baller on tonys s2000. functional too!


  1. Damn didn't know you were KA-T thought you were SR. Shits look proper. I need to stop slacking and purchase the rest of my turbo things.

  2. i would never trust buying an sr. soo many horor stories haha. cant wait to see you slap that turbonetics on kev. dont worry about the crsx turbonetics haterade.

  3. Haha they were on full blast about it too. No big got a good deal on most of the items from Toan's friend Eric.

    What are you running for engine management?

  4. enthalpy ecu tuned for

    550cc/z32maf/ct26 turbo.

    loooking to hit up esp to fine tune the settings with the safc2 on the dyno after im done all the annoying little things.